She prefers someone more into partying like Neymar? The incredible reason why Kaka's wife left him

The Brazilian soccer player was the last to win the Ballon d'Or before the era of Cristiano and Messi began.

Kaka laments a defeat with Real Madrid in the 2010-2011 season at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Kaká's ex-wife, Caroline Celico, revealed the incredible reason why she separated from the former soccer player, assuring that "he was too perfect" for her. Although it sounds impossible to believe, the former partner of the Brazilian star assured that he never treated her badly, quite the opposite, but that she was still unhappy. "Kaká never betrayed me, he always treated me well, he gave me a wonderful family, but I was not happy, something was missing. The problem is that he was too perfect for me," she said.

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Following these comments that have gone viral on social networks, many have criticized the statements of the former partner of the soccer player, as it implies that the former AC Milan and Real Madrid player was perhaps somewhat boring. Kaka was always characterized for being a very classy guy on and off the field, but apparently that was not enough for their marriage to last and, in 2015 the couple announced the breakup.

Their marriage lasted 9 years and they had two children. However, Caroline Celico is currently married to businessman Eduardo Scarpa, with whom she seems to have found the happiness she was looking for. Meanwhile, Kaká, a soccer player who won absolutely everything in his career such as the World Cup, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga and other tournaments, has now married his partner of the last few years, Carolina Dias Leite.

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The fortune that Kaká's ex-wife missed out on

Kaká was one of the best players in the world during his time as a professional. He scored 167 goals at club level and 29 with the Brazilian national team. By 2020, five years after separating from his ex-partner, his estimated net worth was around $105 million, as reported by the Republic portal, an amount that the Brazilian's now ex-partner missed out on when she divorced him.

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