Sebastián Piñera died, former Colo Colo shareholder and ex president of Chile

The world of football, and in general, is in mourning after the death of Sebastián Piñera.

By William Estrella

Sebastián Piñera passed away, ex Colo Colo shareholder and ex president of Chile
Sebastián Piñera passed away, ex Colo Colo shareholder and ex president of Chile
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It is a tragic day for the world of football, Sebastián Piñera, who was the shareholder of Colo Colo and also former president of Chile, has died. Furthermore, as if that were not enough, the death was cruel, since it was a helicopter accident.

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The accident occurred in Lago Ranco, located in southern Chile. According to Carolina Tohá, the Minister of the Interior and Public Security of Chile, there were 3 survivors in the accident, but Piñera, unfortunately, was not one of them.

The shareholder of Colo Colo, Chile's legendary team, was 74 years old, and his presidency was from 2010 to 2014, and from 2018 to 2022, a little less than two years ago since he stopped being president.

Those who lived with Sebastian Piñera, in addition to describing him as a fantastic person, agree that his greatest virtue was his natural and informal style, which was what made him reach the hearts of the people in Chile and make him such a beloved president. Furthermore, the affection of Colo Colo owes a lot to Sebastian Piñera, because he changed the history of the club.

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The first message from the government of Chile:

"A few moments ago we had confirmation from the Carabineros that indicated that the Navy was able to reach the place where the accident occurred and recover the body of the former president," said Tohá.


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