Real Madrid trembles after PSG offers Kylian Mbappe another huge offer

By Emmanuel Mendez

Real Madrid trembles after PSG offers Kylian Mbappe another huge offer

PSG is not giving up to persuade Kylian Mbappe to stay longer.

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PSG striker Kylian Mbappe has been rumored to go to Real Madrid for the past couple of years. The transfer has been long overdue, according to many football fans, but this summer, it could finally happen. Mbappe has reportedly agreed to join Real Madrid this summer after six years at PSG.

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Mbappe would have to take a pay cut from his current wages at PSG in order to join Real Madrid next season. Mbappe is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, which means his wages are unlike those of any other player in the world, including the current players at Real Madrid. He is reportedly on a weekly 1.1 million euro wage with a 61.4 million annual salary. The highest earner in Real Madrid is reportedly Toni Kroos, who earns around 470,000 euros weekly and earns an annual salary of around 25 million euros.

While Mbappe needs to have a pay cut that could be half of his current wages, PSG is willing to offer more to the player so he can stay longer. Diario AS reports that PSG has offered Kylian Mbappe a new two-year contract worth £136m in the hope of persuading the 25-year-old to turn down a move to Real Madrid. It would be around an 8 million euro pay raise for the player while he earns far less if he joins Real Madrid this summer. Mbappe could have a tough choice to make this summer, but he now knows what is offered by either club.

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Kylian Mbappe comes back to training and is received by the PSG ultras

After suffering an injury against Brest in the French Cup last week, Mbappé attends team training again. Mbappé clapped the PSG ultras, and the fans chanted for Mbappé to stay at the club. The following chants that were said for Kylian Mbappé at the PSG Campus were, "Kylian in Paris, Kylian in Paris; Extend Mbappé.”

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