PSG offer 400 million Euros to keep this player away from Real Madrid

In a desperate attempt to not see their best player leave, PSG ready to blow Real Madrid out the water with this offer

PSG ready to offer 400 million Euros to this superstar

Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid. It’s a move that feels like it’s destined to happen. From the moment we saw Mbappe with Cristiano Ronaldo pictures all over his wall, to the moment he made his Santiago Bernabeu debut, the footballing world has been waiting for Mbappe to become a Galactico. Yet the move has not happened yet despite the constant links between the player and club. It has become football’s biggest saga, but also the most tiring one. Every year Madridstas open their door for him, and every year Mbappe closes the door.

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Kylian Mbappe seems like he is a goal-oriented person. When he arrived in Paris in 2017 the goal was to win the Champions League. Be the robin to Neymar’s Batman. But Mbappe called an audience on the second part of the plan as he quickly became PSG’s most important player. What was meant to be Neymar’s club, became Mbappe’s club and his wishes were now the most important. However, the goal always remained the same, winning the Champions League. That goal has not been achieved yet and this could be the last chance.

The summer of 2022 was the peak of the Mbappe saga as the Frenchman was going to be a free agent and there were only two options. Stay at PSG or go to Madrid. Mbappe chose to stay home.

Yet despite committing to PSG the rumors to Madrid have not died down and 18 months later we are at the same stage again. Once again, Mbappe is a free agent this summer and it is likely down to two choices again. It’s Madrid or PSG. According to RMC Sport’s Stephane Guy, PSG are ready to offer a salary of 400 mil Euros over four years, and it is said to be an offer that Real Madrid could not top.

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Kylian Mbappe on what the future holds

“No, I have not made a decision on my future, I’m very, very motivated for this year. It’s very important. As I said, we’ve got titles to go after and we’ve already taken one. After that, I haven’t made up my mind yet. I haven’t made a choice,” Mbappe said in a press conference after the French Super Cup.

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