PSG and Man United fight over Barca star who would earn them 130 million euros

Barcelona might be ready to part ways with this star of the team.

Xavi Hernández

The spanish team is aware that they have the need to sell several players in the next part of the season if they want to improve their current financial situation.

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PSG is now looking to go ahead and secure the arrival of several players to their team that would allow them to compensate for the fact that Mbappé is now going to leave the team, and they are looking to go ahead and start a new project that would really help the team to get some better results in the next part of the season and in all the competitions.

On the other hand it has also been confirmed that the Manchester United team and their new owners are looking to make sure that they sign players that they could actually put in the starting line up and that would also allow them to get some better results now that they have set their goal to get back to be one of the best teams in the world right now.

And now it has been confirmed that both teams, PSG and Manchester United are now keen on the idea to go ahead and sign Frenkie de Jong, a midfielder that could be key for either team to start their project now that he could be a starter in both teams for the next seasons and really boost their chances now.

Frenkie de Jong was also keen on the idea to stay with the Barcelona team, but the fact is that right now he could be looking to go ahead and open the chance to make the move, now that he is not happy with his role on the spanish team and the financial situation could also force him to accept one of the offers that might come for him now.

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Frenkie de Jong value

The interest on Frenkie de Jong seems to be growing, and that helps the Barcelona team to also increase his value, now that the spanish team believe that they should be able to get at least 130 million euros for him with the current interest now.

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