Premier League in trouble, Guardiola considers leaving Man City for these reason

Manchester City manager could be the next one to leave the Premier League.

By Juan Macías

Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola
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The Citizens might be the next team that needs to look for a new manager now that Guardiola might be evaluating the idea of leaving the team this next season.

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Pep Guardiola seems to be one of the managers that is now thinking about the idea to go ahead and make some moves as the manager of the Manchester City team in the next part of the season, and now it has been confirmed that he might be thinking about leaving, due to the high pressure that it takes to be a manager in the Premier League this last seasons.

"Next year will be nine seasons, which is a lot of time. Extending after two years is not the same as extending after nine. We have a lot of time [to decide]. But now I feel really good." Guardiola started, and the fact is that the manager also talked about the pressure that it has being a manager now that Xavi has also decided to step down the Barcelona team.

Guardiola added, "Normally when I decide to extend my contract, the decision is quick. I trust my feelings and instinct and my family is involved. Every time they [City] offer [a new deal], it does not take much time. When I feel it is OK, I feel good, they want me, then OK." and this could be a hint now.

"Before I was thinking all the time about if I was missing something or that I was not professional enough. I understand that was a mistake and it’s better to have quality in what you do." Guardiola ended, and the fact is that right now he might be looking to get the same results as he did last season with the Citizens to prove he is the right man now.

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Pep Guardiola future

On top of that it has been confirmed that a move to the Barcelona team is not impossible at all, and some other sources believe that if conditions change for the spanish team he might actually considere to make the move in the next few seasons now.

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