(PHOTO) Mbappé was approached with Real Madrid jerseys at training, his reaction and see what Kylian did with them

Kylian Mbappé is already seen with Real Madrid fans and what he did made fans happy.

Kylian Mbappé slightly smiles while wearing the PSG jersey and the Real Madrid badge is next to him.
Kylian Mbappé slightly smiles while wearing the PSG jersey and the Real Madrid badge is next to him. (Source: GiveMeSport)

Kylian Mbappé's move to Real Madrid is on the right track, and the player is set to be presented as their new player next week since the Champions League final is a few days away. While the player has yet to confirm that Real Madrid will be his new club, he seems to have indirectly confirmed his move to the Spanish team as a fan with a Real Madrid shirt on, and he took a picture with the player. Mbappé was training with the French national team in preparation for the EUROS 2024. Mbappé went a step further and even signed the fan’s Real Madrid shirt, which excited many fans as it seems odd to do since the player is not yet confirmed as a new Real Madrid player. Players often don’t sign shirts from a team that isn’t theirs, but since he played his last game with PSG last week, it seems safe to say that he can do it now.

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Relevo reports that Real Madrid are already working on introducing Kylian Mbappé next week at the Santiago Bernabéu. RMC Sport reports that Real Madrid will likely announce Kylian Mbappé's signing between June 2nd and June 5th. The Spanish club and the team are fully focused on the Champions League Final this Saturday against Borussia Dortmund.

Although Mbappé is arriving as a free agent, the player’s salary will be among the most in the Real Madrid squad. Many believe that his arrival could lead to some players leaving Real Madrid. Mario Cortegana from the Athletic reports that Real Madrid has consistently stated that the arrival of Mbappé does not mean the sale of other players. The club even called journalists to correct information, saying the opposite.

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When is Kylian Mbappé's next match?

Mbappé will soon be playing for the French national team as the EUROS 2024 approaches. France will have a friendly next week against Luxembourg and then another friendly on June 9th against Canada. Mbappé is already training with the French national team, and those friendlies will be the preparation matches for the EUROS 2024, which starts for them on June 17th against Austria.

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