Not Real Madrid, but another European giant is willing to break their wage bill this summer for Mbappe

Real Madrid aren't the only club in Europe with a good chance of signing the PSG forward

Kylian Mbappe might look to sign for another big European club this summer!

Kylian Mbappe is one of the best players in the world and is desired by many top clubs in Europe. The issue with the French megastar is his wages, which seem too expensive for any other club to afford. PSG`s offer has convinced Mbappe to stay in the French capital for a few more years, but his time might finally be up.

Mbappe is struggling to decide whether to renew his contract, which expires this summer. If he doesn't renew before the summer, he will become a free agent, which is excellent for other clubs to avoid paying a high transfer fee to PSG. PSG is trying its best to convince Mbappe to stay by offering him another contract, but it has been reported that he has decided to part ways.

Real Madrid is losing patience with Mbappe`s lack of communication and decision-making. The Spanish giants have reportedly told Mbappe and his entourage to decide by January 15th, 2024, according to L`equipe.

Mbappe and his entourage have disapproved of setting a deadline for the decision. The PSG star and his team are considering staying longer with PSG or moving to another club. If Mbappe leaves on a free transfer, another club must match or get near Mbappe`s current wages.

What other European giant is willing to pay high wages for Mbappe to arrive in the summer?

Rumors have been that Mbappe is looking to move to the Premier League. Manchester City looks to be able to afford his wages, but the club that is willing to pay those high wages is Liverpool FC.

Liverpool seems to have contacted Mbappe and his team in the past. These negotiations have been far back when the player played at AS Monaco. The English club had private discussions with the player at Monaco, and Mbappe`s entourage remembers their conversation. This allows Liverpool to join the race for Mbappe against Real Madrid and PSG, as they are still in contact.

Liverpool has a strict spending limit because the owners, FSG, are unwilling to pay high wages to their players and spend hefty transfer fees for players regularly. FSG will have to depend on Mbappe`s choice not to resign from PSG and choose Liverpool over Real Madrid in the summer to make the signing possible. Even if Mbappe arrives for free, the wages will take a toll on the player wage bill at Liverpool.

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