Not just a Liverpool legend, Virgil Van Dijk's impressive home

Liverpool defender is the darling of Merseyside

By Luis Zamora

Van Dijk showing off his trophies
Van Dijk showing off his trophies
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The name of the Dutchman Virgil Van Dijk has been a trend in the Liverpool environment after the goal that gave the Merseyside institution the Carabao Cup title against Chelsea, achieving with that goal to be increasingly loved by the fans who already consider him one of their greatest idols in the central defense they have had in their history, being a complete winner not only on the field, but off it, Van Dijk lives surrounded by great comforts that cause the same envy as his good soccer and his great wide palmares of titles.

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Perhaps fans might think that all soccer players only surround themselves with luxuries through great eccentricities such as sports cars, but this is not the case with Van Dijk, and the captain of the Netherlands national team has chosen to spend a large part of his earnings on having an incredible house to enjoy after great matches such as the one he had at Wembley.

According to the little information that is obtained from various media, it is known that the Reds' on-field boss has a spectacular home which boasts amenities and luxuries such as a five-bedroom villa with a pool complex and even his own cinema room, speaking of how well he relaxes after all the matches he has.

Berkeley Shaw Real Estate, which is one of the big real estate agencies in the city, has not given any indication of how much a house as luxurious as Van Dijk's might cost, but it is clear that the footballer has allocated good money to have all the facilities to de-stress, and it is not for less if we take into account that in his position as captain the demands are greater, increasing even more now that the Carabao Cup title has arrived and the fans demand the other trophies, being the Premier League perhaps the most desired.

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Van Dijk has a preferred home in England

Although his big house can distract him from everything bad that can happen in his environment with the Reds, it is true that the player usually enjoys the matches that take place at Anfield, and it is not for less if at the exit of each match there is always an encouraging public that through chants tries to encourage him during the 90 minutes, being Van Dijk the favorite of Anfield since his arrival this building has become almost impenetrable.

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