Nor Mbappé nor Haaland, Real Madrid new target is a 100 million world champion

Real Madrid is getting tired to chase for Mbappé or Haaland.

By Juan Macías

Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland
Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland
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The spanish team is keen to secure the arrival of a new striker to the team, and they might be able to do that with their new target right now.

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Real Madrid main concern right now is the fact that they need a world class striker and while it seems that they might be close to reach an agreement with some of the best strikers on the world, several sources believe that Florentino Perez is getting tired of the current situation and they might be looking for a new striker that could reach an easier deal for his arrival now.

In the situation of Kylian Mbappé there are some sources that believe that the spanish team might be able to confirm the deal in the next few days, but the fact is that both offers from Real Madrid and PSG are on the table of the french striker and he is yet to make a decision that would secure his arrival or his stay with any of thos teams yet.

On the other hand it has also been reported several times now that Real Madrid are not willing to pay the transfer fee of 200 million euros for Erling Haaland, and that the main idea would be to wait until he actually becomes a free agent in the future to actually make an offer that could bring him as well.

This situation has caused for the Real Madrid team to go ahead and secure the arrival of Lautaro Martinez the 26 year old striker seems to be an option that could actually be secured in the next few days and that his arrival to the spanish team might actually be enough to cover the striker position for the next few seasons without any problem for the manager as well now.

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Lautaro Martinez value

The fact is that the Inter Milan team might not be willing to let Lautaro Martinez leave the team, but an offer around 110 to 120 million euros would be more than enough to actually make the deal happen in the future to secure the transfer now.

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