Neither cars not watches, ex Real Madrid Sergio Ramos luxury shocking collection

The Spanish defender has an unexpected passion off the field

By Mario Perez

The former Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has an unexpected passion off the field.
The former Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has an unexpected passion off the field.
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Sergio Ramos, former Real Madrid player and currently star of Sevilla FC gets ready to live one of the most especial games in his career, as he will face his former team with the Andalusian team in the twenty twenty-sixth day of the 2023/2024 La Liga season.

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The Andalusian defender, who won four Champions League trophies with Real Madrid, will face the Whites in Bernabeu in front of their former fans, and will have the need of winning the game to take Sevilla away from the relegation zone of La Liga.

However, the player, clearly in the spotlight ahead of the game, was recently headlined due to a really different reason, as one of the most shocking passions of the player was revealed in the previous hours to the game.

This passion wouldn’t be the car collection nor the taste for the watches as it is usual among other football players, as the Spanish defender would be a great and unexpected passionate for the culture.

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What’s Sergio Ramos’ unexpected passion?

According to the Spanish media reports, this Sergio Ramos passion would be none other than collecting art, as the player is a great art collector and a regular visitor of world museums since 2019, and has a great collection of luxury pictures including artworks as a work by New Yorker Phil Frost that according to experts is valued at 40,000.

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