NBA coach is influenced by Pep Guardiola's way of coaching in Manchester City

Pep Guardiola is admired by an NBA coach from his style of coaching.

By Emmanuel Mendez

NBA coach admits to follow Pep Guardiola for his tactics.
NBA coach admits to follow Pep Guardiola for his tactics.
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Pep Guardiola is known to be one of the best managers in the world right now and one of football's greatest-ever coaches. His work at FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City has led to him being held the title of all-time great status of coaching. Guardiola led Man City to new heights the club has never reached, like winning the Champions League, a treble, and three consecutive Premier League titles, with a possible fourth title this season. A fourth Premier League title in a row will cement him even more in the history books, and the sports world has already taken notice of his accomplishments.

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NBA coach Joe Mazzulla from the Boston Celtics visited Manchester City and Pep Guardiola last week during the NBA All-Star weekend. Mazzulla is a big admirer of Guardiola and swapped jerseys with him at Man City's training ground. Mazzulla watched the team training of Man City and got to meet some players like Bernardo Silva. Mazzulla spoke about his meeting with Pep Guardiola and admitted that football and basketball have similarities in their style of play.

Mazzulla spoke to Jared Weiss from The Athletic and considers him the best coach in all of the sports. Mazzulla said, "That is what the game of basketball is about, to me, and what counterattacking in soccer is about. So, I study a lot of Man City. I study Pep a lot. I think he's the best coach at any level, in any sport. It's had a huge influence [on me]."

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Mazzulla explains the similarities between basketball and football

Mazzulla says that both football and basketball have similar styles of play. Mazzulla said, "Everybody tries to break basketball up into offense and defense, but it's one game. If your transition defense sucks, everybody talks about your transition defense. But it's your spacing and your decision-making and your shot selection, then it's your transition defense. I think where basketball and soccer are the same is the transition is happening so fast. You can be on offense, and two seconds later, you can be on defense. So the game is constantly changing."

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