Messi's teammate at Inter Miami is stunned about Lionel's knowledge of the MLS

Messi's teammate was surprised to hear the Argentine's knowledge of the MLS.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi's teammate praises the Argentine for knowing a lot about the MLS.
Lionel Messi's teammate praises the Argentine for knowing a lot about the MLS.
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Lionel Messi's move to the MLS last summer surprised many football fans since it was a move that seemed unthinkable due to his level of football still being one of the best in the world. Messi had won the World Cup and was coming off a productive campaign with PSG in Europe. Many expected Messi to either return to FC Barcelona or play somewhere else in Europe that isn't PSG. While many did not think Messi would make the move to the United States, the Argentine chose Inter Miami wisely as his career's next destination.

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After many years in Europe many don't expect him to know much about the football here in the United States. This was far from the truth. Inter Miami player Julian Gressel talked about being surprised by Messi's knowledge of the MLS.

Gressel said, "Messi was impressed with Columbus Crew (Gressel's previous team) and the way we played last season and how the team started this season. When we were in the hotel in Los Angeles watching their match against Atlanta, Messi came up to me and said: 'I watched Columbus in the first half. They were very impressive tactically.' Then we talked a little about the team's coach, Wilfried Nancy, as a coach and his way of playing. It was a good conversation."

Gressel praised Messi and said, "How a person of his stature is so interested in a team in the MLS. This shows you a lot about his personality and competitiveness. He seems interested in all the teams and also talked to me about Atlanta, not just Columbus. It's nice to see him watching MLS matches and not just Barcelona or La Liga and the rest of the leagues."

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Gressel talks about how his relationship with Messi includes lots of jokes

Gressel talked about his cool relationship with Messi and said, "Leo and I have been joking with each other since the early days, and when we were in Saudi Arabia, I don't remember which match, but I think it was the first match against Al Hilal. He came and covered his mouth as he always does because of the cameras and said something to me in English. This was the first time he spoke to me in English."

"He told me: 'Now we change, you stay and Jordi runs! Jordi goes more in behind.' I said to him: 'Yes, well, well', and then he said to me: 'My English is very good, right?' I told him: 'Yes, very good. I understood everything.'"

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