Messi doesn't even like losing in Parchis, Luis Suarez's confession

Luis Suarez's funny confession about Lionel Messi in Miami.

By William Estrella

Messi doesn't even like losing even in Parcheesi, Luis Suarez's confession
Messi doesn't even like losing even in Parcheesi, Luis Suarez's confession
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Inter Miami became one of the most popular teams in the world, not to mention just the United States. The Lionel Messi effect last season was spectacular, and now this new season is even stronger than before, because the signing of Luis Suarez is a media bomb!

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Now, Luis Suarez has spoken for a sports media in Argentina, and beyond being an interview, it seemed like a chat between colleagues, relaxed and calm. One of Luis Suarez's most viral phrases was when he explained what puts Lionel Messi in a bad mood:

“Losing little games in football, in training. In training too. Or be playing a little game of soccer, tennis, or whatever; Also, it gets hot. Of course, if you eat him then he eats you every time. I'm laughing my ass off."

Suarez also said that Messi's 'Mate' changed, for the better!: “The "mate" changed a lot. Now I got back together with him and he improved a lot. I say that he learned with me. When I arrived, he didn't drink much mate and learned it from me.”

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Suarez's most sincere revelation about Messi's most difficult moment:

“I experienced firsthand when he made the decision to no longer go to the National Team, after losing the final of the Copa América. I lived all that with him, I was with him in Barcelona. It was hard, that moment was difficult for him, for his family, because of everything that was said. A world of nonsense was said. Now the satisfaction... Apart from talking to his wife and his peers, one of the first people he spoke to was me, that famous video call. He knows that as a family we were with him in those moments, in the hard times. As a Uruguayan I want to become world champion, but I had a friend on that side. "I was very happy for him."

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