Messi and Mourinho were fighting all the time, now what Mourinho says about him

Jose Mourinho spoke recently about how it would be coaching Messi.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Jose Mourinho coached Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid but never coached Lionel Messi.
Jose Mourinho coached Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid but never coached Lionel Messi.
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Jose Mourinho is one of the greatest managers of all time. Mourinho has coached some of the greatest players of this generation, like Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, Drogba, Xabi Alonso, and the great Cristiano Ronaldo. Mourinho has never managed Lionel Messi during his career but instead has faced him many times.

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Mourinho faced Messi during his time at Real Madrid and during an iconic game between Inter Milan and FC Barcelona. Mourinho got the best out of Barcelona in the semifinals of the Champions League in the 2009/2010 season. Messi has also gotten the better of Mourinho's team. Messi scored an incredible goal against Real Madrid in the 2010/2011 season.

At the time, the rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo was at its peak. Mourinho backed his player in the argument about who the better player is. Mourinho said in the past that Ronaldo is more influential because he can play in other clubs. Mourinho said, "I keep saying it's harder to be Cristiano than Messi. I'll tell you: Messi grew up in the team he plays for now, with the teammates he plays with now. Cristiano came from England to a team that was losing. He had to grow up in the past two years with this team in construction."

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Mourinho calls coaching Messi 'absurd' by complimenting the Argentine's intelligence of the game

Mourinho talked about Messi and acknowledged the player's qualities. Mourinho says, "A player I'd have liked to coach? For example, I never got to train Lionel Messi, but then nobody can train Messi. It is absurd to think you could coach him because he was born with everything and already knows everything. He might teach you some things... All you could say is that you had the honor of having him in your squad."

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