Mbappé revealed his secret weapon, you won't believe what he does to fool rivals

The French striker is one of the best strikers in the world and it shows.

By Alejandro Lopez Vega

Kylian knows what he's doing.
Kylian knows what he's doing.
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At just 25 years old, Kylian Mbappé has done enough merits during his professional career to be considered one of the best strikers of all time. Since his debut with AS Monaco in 2015, he proved to have a talent unlike any other, coupled with physical strength, speed and a winning mentality rarely seen. That's why he quickly became a target for Europe's top clubs, who started a competition to sign him.

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Paris Saint-Germain bought him in 2017 for nearly $200 million and since then he has been the team's big star, even eclipsing other top players who have been his teammates, such as Lionel Messi and Neymar Junior. However, his success is not only due to his innate qualities, but also to his hard work.

In an interview with Primer Video, 'Kiki' revealed one of his biggest secrets. He explained something that happened in 2020, when Mauricio Pochettino was PSG's coach: "We worked a lot, analyzing the fact that I often curled the ball to the far post, and whether it was defenders or goalkeepers, they were already positioned there. I remember they told me that I had to find something to counter that." And he did.

Then Mbappé talked about the solution he found: "We started working on it with empty dummies, doors, and cones. I had to hit between the cones without a goalkeeper, without anyone. Then we added a goalkeeper. I started doing it a little in training and then in matches."

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That worked to perfection

Mauricio Pochettino's advice and the hard work Kylian Mbappé put in during training paid off, as from the 2020/21 season he improved his goal stats. In each of the following years he surpassed 40 goals per season, becoming one of the top scorers in the world and helping PSG dominate Ligue 1 and compete with the top clubs in Europe.

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