Manchester United legend Roy Keane speaks on potential return to football

Roy Keane has been a pundit for the past few years but would like to return in football.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Roy Keane desires to come back to football after spending years in the media.
Roy Keane desires to come back to football after spending years in the media.
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Roy Keane has been a full time pundit for Sky Sports since 2019. The Irish Manchester United legend has done media work in the past covering the 2011-12 Premier League season with ITV and also covering the 2012 Euros. Keane has been sensational for his work at Sky Sports and has made bold statements about the current Manchester United squad.

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Roy Keane has been out of football for a while since his last football job was an assistant manager for Nottingham Forest in 2019 and also having a similar role with Aston Villa back in 2014. Keane was the manager of clubs before such as Ipswich Town and Sunderland.

Keane managed Sunderland from 2006-2008, managing 100 games with a win percentage of 42. He won 43 games, drew 16, and lost 41. With Ipswich Town, he managed 81 games from 2009-2011, with 29 wins, 24 draws, and 28 losses. Although his managerial career was short, the former Manchester United midfielder expressed his desire to become a manager again.

Keane appeared in The Overlap's Stick to Football and said, "I’ve had opportunities, but sometimes you get offered a contract, and you have to look at it with self-worth. Is it the right deal for you? I’d like to go back in [to management], but I’m not desperate to sign any contract for anybody."

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Although rejecting job offers, Roy Keane is willing to do the Ireland job

Roy Keane rejected job offers but would be interested in managing the Ireland national team. Keane says, “That does appeal to me. I did like the dynamics when I was coaching with Martin with the Irish team… That could be an option”

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