Ligue 1 response to Cristiano Ronaldo, for them Messi is the GOAT

Ligue 1 did not take Ronaldo's comments too kindly yesterday and had a response of their own

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

Ligue 1 message to Ronaldo
Ligue 1 message to Ronaldo
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European football faced its biggest challenge this year with the rise of an outside league coming to take its stars. In the past 40 something years, European football has been the go-to destination for stars. The best of the best played in Europe for the biggest teams. But traditions are meant to be broken and change always happens. And this past summer saw the first big shift with the Saudi League making its mark on the scene.

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Their first big statement was the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo last winter. After his departure from Manchester United, the superstar arrived at Al Nassr and his goal was to make Saudi League the best. And stars followed Ronaldo, as the likes of Sadio Mane, Kalidou Koulibaly, and Karim Benzema all joined the league. But that’s not all, Saudi League were able to secure Neymar Jr. In football there’s four names that are bigger than the rest. And Saudi League managed to secure two of the four with CR7 and Neymar.

Ronaldo has made it his goal to popularize the league and in doing so he has taken some shots at other leagues before. Yesterday, the Globe Soccer Awards were on, and Cristiano Ronaldo was a big part of the ceremony as his season was celebrated, in which he scored the most goals of any player last year including Erling Haaland. Ronaldo discussed a lot of topics including his season, when he could retire, how he feels. He also was asked to discuss the strength of the Saudi League.

Ronaldo took a shot at Ligue 1 with multiple statements criticizing the quality of the league. “Saudi League is more competitive than Ligue 1, I can say that after one year spent there,” Ronaldo said about the two leagues. He would also say that the Saudi League has already surpassed the French League.

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How did Ligue 1 respond to the message from Ronaldo

Ligue 1 did not Ronaldo’s words kindly, and in teasing fashion put out a tweet that was meant to take a shot at Ronaldo. This morning the league tweeted a picture of Messi and the words GOAT in the background. The message was clear.

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