Kylian Mbappe and the possibility to play in the Olympics football tournament to represent France

Mbappe has a possibility to join the U-23 French national team for the 2024 Summer Olympics

By Emmanuel Mendez

Kylian Mbappe seems open to represent France in the 2024 Summer Olympics hosted in Paris.
Kylian Mbappe seems open to represent France in the 2024 Summer Olympics hosted in Paris.
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A big summer awaits, which includes big football tournaments this year. In Europe, the Euros will be hosted in Germany and played from June 14th to July 14th. The Summer Olympics will also take place in the summer, from July 26th to August 11th. The football tournament will be played from July 24th to August 10th.

Thierry Henry was named the man in charge to coach the French men`s football team for the 2024 Paris Olympics and will look to build the strongest team possible. Men’s soccer rosters at the Olympics are for players born on or after Jan. 1, 2001, with three over-age exceptions. Most players must be under 23, but Henry would use the three over-age exception spots for Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe is 25 years old and expressed his desire to join the team and be called up, according to Tony Estanguet, president of France`s Olympic Games organizing committee. A possible factor would be the lack of rest for the player, who would most likely play for the senior French national team in the Euros.

Mbappe`s appearance in the Olympics is highly possible this summer according to Didier Deschamps

Senior French national team coach Didier Deschamps has discussed the likelihood of the PSG striker to play in the Olympics to represent France. Deschamps will look to count on Mbappe for the Euros but has expressed no issue with the player wanting to play in the Olympics.

Deschamps told TF1, "If he [Mbappe] wants to and he has the possibility [playing for France in the Olympics]... Obviously, the objective of all of us is to ensure that Theirry Henry can have the most competitive French team possible for the tournament."

If Mbappe decides to play for the senior French team in the Euros and they were to reach the Euros final on July 14th, the PSG star would only have ten days left before the football tournament in the Olympics starts. The choice is up to Mbappe, but he has been permitted to play both tournaments this summer. It could be a hectic summer for the PSG superstar.

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