Jules Koundé and millionaire amount that the Barcelona player lost in a robbery

Jules Koundé had some problems in his house that could cost him a millionaire amount.

By Juan Macías

Jules Koundé
Jules Koundé
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There has been a set of several players that have suffered from robberies in their houses, and now Jules Koundé could be one of the players that could affect him.

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Several sources have now confirmed that the Barcelona player suffered from a robbery in his house, and the fact is that now he is scare about the fact that it has been the second time in the last few months that he suffered the same situation and that could cost him an important amount of money for the team that could even change his situation with the team right now.

Jules Koundé has confirmed that this has been the second time that he has suffered from a robbery and the fact is that this time it happened when the Barcelona team was playing against Villareal in La Liga, and now he could be looking to make some changes that would stop this situaiton from happening for the team in the next part of the season and to be more safe.

There are still a lot of investigations going on when it comes to the true amount of money that Jules Koundé lost and the fact is that right now they might be looking to make some changes to this situation, now that it has been confirmed that he almost lost a total of 3 million euros for the team now.

Jules Koundé situation could be a concern for a lot of players that have actually suffer from the same situation, and this could be one of the main reasons why he is now looking to go ahead and make sure that they change this situation, now that most of the players have jewels and even big amounts of money that could force them to make some changes to the team.

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Jules Koundé value

Right now it has been confirmed that Jules Koundé suffered a loss of 3 million euros, but this amount could even increase and the fact is that right now this could change the situation of the players for their own safety and their families as well now.

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