It is not 15 million, salary that Guardiola offers to Davies to go to Man City

Pep Guardiola is now keen on the idea to sign Alphonso Davies.

By Juan Macías

Alphonso Davies and Pep Guardiola
Alphonso Davies and Pep Guardiola
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The spanish manager is looking for players that could help his project at the Manchester City team, and now this could affect the salary of the player for the future.

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Alphonso Davies seems to be one of the most wanted players in the current transfer market, the fact is that the Real Madrid team was keen on the idea to sign him, but now it has been reported that the Citizens also see him as a great option and they are ready to put an important offer to make it happen and secure his arrival in the summer transfer window.

It has been confirmed several times now that Alphonso Davies has become one of the main targets for the Manchester City team and now they are looking to make the deal happen in the next part of the season, and the first thing to make it happen it has been confirmed that they are willing to go ahead and offer more than the spanish team to make it happen now.

Real Madrid seems to only be willing to offer 50 million euros for Davies, and now it has also been confirmed that the Citizens are willing to go up to 70 or even 80 million euros, now that it seems that he could be the ideal defender for the team to continue and try to win everything the next seasons.

But now it has also been confirmed that the Citizens are now looking to make sure that the player is convinced to make the move as well, and now it has been reported that he would be looking to get an important updgrade from the Real Madrid offer that is also only willing to offer him a salary of 15 million euros in the best case scenario for him now.

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Alphonso Davies salary

Now it has also been confirmed that the Manchester City team would be willing to even go up an offer a total of 20 or 24 million euros and that would be enough to make Davies doubt on the team he would like to sign for now.

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