In the midst of Real Madrid’s Champions League celebrations, Florentino was asked about Mbappe and he had this to say

Real Madrid’s club president Florentino Perez was asked about Kylian Mbappé after the UCL final.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Florentino Perez looks serious as he walks from the airport.
Florentino Perez looks serious as he walks from the airport.
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Real Madrid won their 15th Champions League trophy after defeating Borussia Dortmund 2-0 at Wembley Stadium. The Madrid fans are very happy with the trophy once again being lifted by the squad, and what is to come is also exciting. The Real Madrid squad could get stronger as Kylian Mbappé is set to arrive this summer and play with the team next season. The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, was asked about Mbappé after the match, but he made his answer clear about the topic after the Champions League Final. Perez said, “Mbappé? Now is not the time to talk about it. We still have the whole summer ahead of us to talk about the future of Real Madrid”.

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Perez then spoke about the Champions League win, which is the number 15 of the club’s history. The president said, “There is a love story between the Champions League and Real Madrid. I want to win the 16th next season.” The ambition of the club is still strong, and with the signing of Mbappé, it is unlikely that the team can win it again next year.

A big reveal Perez had was the possibility of Luka Modric staying another season at the club. Modric’s contract expires on June 30th, and the club has yet to confirm or reportedly offer him a new one. A contract extension seems very likely now after the words of the club president. Perez said, “I think Luka Modric will CONTINUE with us for one more season.” Modric has won his 6th Champions League trophy with Real Madrid and is motivated to play one more year with the club, which now aims for their 16th Champions League title.

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Perez on who wins the Ballon d’Or

Many football fans now wonder who the 2024 Ballon d’Or award should go to after the Champions League final. The hot contenders are Vinicius Jr., who scored in the final, and Jude Bellingham, who provided the assist for Vini’s goal. Perez was very emotional and said, “Ballon d’Or? I give it to everyone.”

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