Humility lesson from Cristiano to his son, their last fight was revealed and what CR7 said and taught to him

Cristiano Ronaldo was not happy with his son about what he does on his free time.

Cristiano Ronaldo looks back with an angry face while Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. runs with an Al Nassr jersey on. The Al Nassr logo is in the middle.
Cristiano Ronaldo looks back with an angry face while Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. runs with an Al Nassr jersey on. The Al Nassr logo is in the middle. (Source: Sporting News, Al Nassr)

Cristiano Ronaldo puts his family first, above anything else, including football, and the Portuguese star wants the best for them. CR7 has lots of exposure due to who he is in the football world: one of the greatest footballers of all time. His son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has also become famous due to his father’s popularity. One thing that Ronaldo doesn’t want his son to do is changing look too often. A video explains how Ronaldo gets angry with his son for the many times he has changed his look, specifically on haircuts. These haircuts are usually worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but Ronaldo gets his haircuts done by his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, at home. Ronaldo wants his son to show manners and behave properly, as one time, the Al Nassr striker got mad at his son for not wanting to shake the hands of the first-team players. Ronaldo is aware that his son did not grow up in poverty like himself, but he makes sure that his son at least has the right attitude, shows humility, and is respectful.

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Ronaldo Jr. plays for the U13 Al Nassr team and has found success on the pitch. He even won the youth league with the U13 Al Nassr team and lifted the trophy as the captain. Ronaldo’s son is set to become a professional football player as he continues to train at the teams where CR7 plays.

When Ronaldo Jr. and the rest of the U13 team were recognized by the first team of Al Nassr at Al Awal Park, the young players were shaking the hands of the first team of Ronaldo, including CR7. The moment Ronaldo gets annoyed with Ronaldo Jr. for not taking part in shaking the players’ hands is captured, and it shows how CR7 really wants to discipline his son and be respectful.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Al Nassr

Ronaldo’s future with Al Nassr is still uncertain after this season, even though he has a contract with them until the summer of 2025. Al Nassr reportedly wants to offer him a new contract that could extend until the summer of 2026 while rumors of him going back to Europe continue to circulate. Ronaldo’s value is around $15 million, and a club interested would need to pay a fee to sign him this summer.

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