He was Real Madrid's dream, now he would sign with Barcelona and Xavi smiles

Barcelona is really close to sign this player that was a dream of Real Madrid.

By Juan Macías

Xavi Hernandez and Carlo Ancelotti
Xavi Hernandez and Carlo Ancelotti
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The Barcelona team seems to be ready to make several changes to the team in the next part of the season as the manager is also ready to leave them.

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The spanish team is aware that they are going to loss their current manager, Xavi Hernandez, as soon as the current season comes to an end, and this has forced them to make some changes in the next few months. One of the main ideas would be to have several new players for the team and this would allow the new manager to look for some better results as well.

On top of that there is the concern of the financial situation of the Barcelona team, now that it has been confirmed that they have several problems to make some transfers happen in this summer. This has forced the spanish team to look for players that could arrive for free or a low value, and now they might have the perfect option ready to sign with them.

Marc-André ter Stegen seems to be one of the players that could leave the team, there has been several offers from Saudi Arabia that would boost the financial situation of the team. This has forced them to look for another keeper, and now it seems that they are really close to sign and secure the arrival of David de Gea.

David de Gea left the Man United team in the last summer, and he has been without a team in the current season so far, and now it seems that he might be ready to get back into the pitch. Sources close to the Barcelona team have confirmed that he is interested to make the move as David de Gea is looking for teams to play with in his country.

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David de Gea's salary

This same sources do believe that the Barcelona team would have to go ahead and at least pay close to 15 million euros as the salary of David de Gea, but the deal might seem to be really close to be done in the next months.

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