He played with Bellingham at Dortmund, Real Madrid loanee who told him to join

Real Madrid will thank their loan player to convince Jude Bellingham to join the club.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Former Jude Bellingham teammate at Dortmund told him he would play at Real Madrid with him.
Former Jude Bellingham teammate at Dortmund told him he would play at Real Madrid with him.
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Real Madrid has many young talents in their club and has secured a young squad that can dominate world football for many years to come. Real Madrid kept signing young talent for a while; from Vinicius Jr, to Jude Bellingham, and soon their newest young player arriving this summer in Endrick. While the Spanish giants have world-class young talent, Real Madrid has needed to loan out players for their development. One of those players who were loaned out played with Jude Bellingham at Borussia Dortmund and could be one reason why Bellingham chose to play for Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid loaned out Reinier Jesus to Borussia Dortmund in 2020. Real Madrid signed the young Brazilian from Flamengo for a fee worth over $30 million. The Brazilian played at Dortmund from 2020 to 2022 and also had a loan spell at Girona after his Germany experience. He is currently out on loan in Italy as he plays for Frosinone. The Brazilian is likely to return to Real Madrid this summer. In an interview with Marcos Duran from Relevo, he talked about his experience in Germany with Borussia Dortmund and how he told Bellingham that he will soon play for Real Madrid.

Reinier talked about his friends from Dortmund and said, "My friends in Germany? I always stayed with Jude Bellingham, Haaland & Gio Reyna. We were always together. Akanji too. I liked them all, they always spoke to me well, they tried to help me with languages. Bellingham, Haaland, Reyna always talked to me since I arrived, we always made jokes, we played, we are still talking today, they are in my heart. It was a very fun year.”

Then Reinier revealed that he had told Bellingham that he would soon play at Real Madrid with him in a few years. Reinier said, "Me & Jude Bellingham always talked — ‘In two years time we will be together in Madrid’.

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Reinier reveals who he still speaks to in the Real Madrid team

Reinier talked about who he still speaks to in the current Real Madrid team. Reinier said, "Does anyone from Madrid keep in touch? I always talk to Juni Calafat. He congratulates me after all the games, asks me how I’m, calls me. I like it. Vini, Rodrygo too. I'm far away, but I'm from Real Madrid & when they call you, it's great."

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