He is not leaving entirely, Kroos will continue at Real Madrid and this is his new role in the team

Toni Kroos will no longer be a Real Madrid player but he will remain at the club as a key figure.

Toni Kroos jogs while wearing the black Real Madrid jersey and the Real Madrid crest is next to him.
Toni Kroos jogs while wearing the black Real Madrid jersey and the Real Madrid crest is next to him. (Source: Managing Madrid)

Toni Kroos announced that he will no longer play for Real Madrid or professional football after this summer as he announced his retirement. His retirement was very sad for the fans and the players of Real Madrid to take in since he is a legendary footballer at the club and is still one of the best midfielders in the world. He will be a key missing piece to the squad next season, but the German will continue to be around the club. The German midfielder said, “I will spend most of my time with my family, and I’ll be working on my youth academy in Madrid as planned. The Icon League, which I founded with Elias Nerlich, will also start in September.” Many interpreted that he would work at the academy at Real Madrid, but he would work at his own academy in the city of Madrid. The German midfielder could occasionally show up at the training ground of Real Madrid to do training sessions for his academy, as the relationship between him and the club is strong.

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The German midfielder has been working in the academy for the past couple of years and may predict that he will become a manager in the future as he is teaching the future of football. Having just won the Champions League and La Liga with Real Madrid, he will still be at the highest level in teaching young footballers about the basics of the game.

His full dedication to the academy will have to wait till late July as he is concentrating on playing with the German national team ahead of EUROS 2024. Germany defeated Greece 2-1 yesterday, and Kroos played the full 90 minutes. Kroos has a 97% pass accuracy, three chances created, five tackles, six accurate long balls, and one big chance created.


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Toni Kroos and Germany’s EURO 2024

Germany is the host nation of EUROS 2024, and they will play the opening match next week. Germany will take on Scotland next week at the Allianz Arena. Their second group stage match will be against Hungary on June 19th at the MHP Arena. Their last group stage match will be against Switzerland on June 23rd at the Deutsche Bank Park.

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