Goodbye Vinicius? He would only leave Real Madrid to join this team

A return home is the only way Vinicius Jr would consider leaving Real Madrid

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

Vinicius says which club he will join after Madrid
Vinicius says which club he will join after Madrid
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There is no place like home. Nothing feels better than going back to your roots and where you started, and while that applies to real life, that also applies to football as well. We have seen plenty of homecomings in football, like the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United after 12 years, or when Thierry Henry returned to the Emirates for that famous FA Cup goal. A feeling that is unmatched.

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Before Vinicius Jr became a superstar at Real Madrid and wore the famous number seven, he was a kid in Brazil that wanted to achieve his dream and started his playing career wearing the famous black and red of Flamengo. The star would achieve that dream in 2018 when he got his dream move to Los Blancos. It was not the easiest of starts for the young winger as he struggled to adapt and perhaps the weight of the jersey played a factor.

But like all great players, Vinicius was able to put it all together and he enjoyed his greatest season yet in 21/22 as him and Karim Benzema conquered Spain and Europe together. Since then, the player’s stardom has only increased and this summer he took the added pressure of wearing the number seven.

But now the rumors have escalated around Vinicius, and he faces a potential exit from Real Madrid, as Los Blancos looks to add the ultimate modern day Galactico, Kylian Mbappe. Whilst the club would of course love to pair the two players together and add Jude Bellingham to that, it might come to the case of Madrid having to sell Vinicius to afford Mbappe’s expensive demands. And according to Sport, there is one club in England ready to pounce on Vinicius in Manchester United. But unfortunately for United, that is not a club Vinicius would leave Madrid for.

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Vinicius on who he would leave Real Madrid for

In an interview with France Football, Vini would state the club he’d leave Madrid for and its bad news for other European clubs. Vinicius Jr said “"I think I could stay here my whole career, but the club of my life is Flamengo, I promised my father I would go back one day. I have to keep this promise.”

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