FC Barcelona to sacrifice this player to improve the club financially

FC Barcelona is likely of letting go of this player this summer in order to help the club.

By Emmanuel Mendez

FC Barcelona could let go of a player they signed last summer for financial reasons.
FC Barcelona could let go of a player they signed last summer for financial reasons.
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FC Barcelona is planning to make some crucial decisions this summer when it comes to transferring and its financial issues. Barcelona will not be able to afford players for high transfer fees, but the club could save lots of money when it comes to bringing players in for reasonable prices or as free agents. The Catalan club is also looking to ensure that crucial players are kept this summer in order to continue building a more competitive squad for next season. Barcelona has reportedly aimed to earn around more than $200 million from player sales to help improve the squad or pay off debt. Now, the club has reportedly eyed another player they are considering selling this summer to avoid FFP issues.

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Toni Juanmarti from Sport reports that Barcelona is not counting on Iñigo Martínez for next season, not because of a sports issue but because of team management. Barça has enough high-level center-backs, and they see him as an option to lower the wage bill with, as he earns $8.6m gross, and without him, the club could perhaps return to La Liga's 1:1 rule. Eric García or Milayil Faye could replace him in the squad. When Barça signed Iñigo last summer, he was only registered for one season, although his contract exists for two seasons. He should be paid in the second year of his contract, but that doesn't count for FFP. Barcelona will help the Basque defender to find an attractive offer.

Milayil Faye could be called up for the Las Palmas game this weekend, and Xavi spoke highly of him. Xavi said, "Mika Faye has already played in a friendly with us, he is capable, exit of the ball, aggressive, fast. Good level; he can help us someday."

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Xavi continues to say he will leave at the end of the season

FC Barcelona continues to hear the same thing repeatedly from Xavi's mouth as the Spanish manager backs his decision to leave the club this summer. When Xavi was asked again about potentially staying next season, he said, "Continuing at Barça? I already told them that the staff is very grateful, personally me too, to the president, to Deco. I don't think anything changes, I think it's best for the club. It doesn't change anything."

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