FC Barcelona players senses the surprising decision Xavi could soon take

Xavi remained to stick with his decision of leaving but FC Barcelona players don't think he will.

By Emmanuel Mendez

FC Barcelona players predict the future of Xavi next season.
FC Barcelona players predict the future of Xavi next season.
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FC Barcelona is in no hurry to find a replacement for Xavi, who is set to leave the club at the end of the season. Xavi surprised many with his announcement stating that he will leave FC Barcelona this summer, and the Spanish manager did it to help the team. It seems to be working, as the team is undefeated after 11 consecutive games in all competitions. FC Barcelona will soon play in the quarterfinals of the Champions League and are still in the fight to try to compete for La Liga against Real Madrid. While Xavi kept repeating to the media and the club that his decision to leave the club was final, some of the FC Barcelona players thought the opposite.

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FC Barcelona players are giving fans hope that Xavi could potentially stay at the club next season. It is something most fans want, including FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta. Laporta has openly said that he will try to convince Xavi to stay, but he will respect his decision if he sticks with it. The environment inside the Barca camp believes that Xavi might have slowly changed his mind about leaving at the end of the season.

Relevo reports that the FC Barcelona players see Xavi with another spirit. He is very motivated and believes that he has been released and without pressure. The good dynamics of the team, which is on a clear upward line, would reinforce that idea. Barça has taken a step forward after Xavi's announcement. From the Barcelona locker room, they believe Xavi will continue. The players and the club as a whole believe Xavi will back down on his decision to leave.

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Xavi would set certain conditions for the club if he stays

Relevo reports that should Xavi stay beyond this season, he would set conditions for the club. He doesn't want the team to weaken and he wants to strengthen it. Zubimendi and Bernando Silva are still on Xavi's radar

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