Ex Man United Greenwood surprised Real Madrid with this message on Bellingham

The Real Madrid playmaker could suffer a massive sanction from La Liga Committee

Bellingham would be close to receive a great sanction from La Liga due to a conflict with Greenwood.

Real Madrid playmaker Jude Bellingham went under the spotlight in the last few hours due to the potential sanction he could face from La Liga Committees following a conflict with the Manchester United former striker Mason Greenwood, which would be analyzed by the football organism in the next few weeks.

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The controversial situation took place in the game facing the Whites against Getafe in the Coliseum Stadium, where the Blues reported to La Liga a possible insult by the Real Madrid player, who according ages had called the blue player a 'rapist' (rapist).

The Getafe complaint to La Liga would include an expert lip-reading report, which the employers' association would have already sent to the RFEF Competition Committee, which will be the one deciding what to do, since LaLiga does not have sanctioning powers. .

In this sense, LaLiga reflected the facts in the letter that it sends each week to the Competition Committee as follows: "It must also be reported that after the end of the match, messages regarding a possible incident in the match were detected through social media. that the visiting player Jude Bellingham allegedly insulted the local player Mason Greenwood in English after an action in the game. Numerous media outlets have reported on this incident, as credited in the attached incident report."

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What’s next for Bellingham?

After the report made by Getafe, the Competition Committee must now decide whether the British Real Madrid player is sanctioned in any way for this action or if he finally has no punishment for this incident with his compatriot Mason Greenwood, which would be known in the next few weeks.

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