Did Real Madrid win by stealing? Dani Carvajal responded to the criticism

Real Madrid managed to come back, but the match was extremely controversial due to the referee's decisions.

Did Real Madrid win by stealing? Dani Carvajal responded to the criticism

Real Madrid won with great difficulty today against Almería, a match that they quickly started losing 2-0. Dani Carvajal, who is having a fantastic season, scored the winning goal in the 98th minute. Now, in the face of so much referee controversy, Carvajal answered all kinds of questions.

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First, the full-back commented how such a comeback can be explained: “Well, the result of a very bad first half. Nowadays you give time away and it already costs a lot. From the break we went all out and, with our people and dedication, we achieved it. We knew that it depended on us, that if we put rhythm and intensity into it, it could be done. Very happy".

Melero, the Almería coach, commented that he felt harmed by the referee... Carvajal answered this: “If Melero sees the plays calmly, then surely he will realize that they are refereed correctly.”

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Is Real Madrid tired?

After some intense weeks with many games, it seems that Real Madrid is suffering from fatigue. Regarding this, Daniel Carvajal commented: “Two extensions, long trips... Today we played at 4:00 p.m., after playing on Thursday. Anyway, very little rest, but congratulations to the team, who has given absolutely everything. Now, when I get to the locker room, I'll see everyone's faces, who I assume are exhausted. But it feels very good to give everything for this shield.”

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