Days before the final, Rodrygo’s flattering words to Guardiola’s Man City that has Real Madrid fans angry

Rodrygo makes some positive comments about Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City days before the Champions League Final.

Rodrygo smiles while wearing the Real Madrid jersey and Pep Guardiola crosses his arms; the Man City badge is next to him.
Rodrygo smiles while wearing the Real Madrid jersey and Pep Guardiola crosses his arms; the Man City badge is next to him. (Source: Madrid Zone X, Man City X)

Rodrygo is one of the best players in the Real Madrid squad, and he will be vital for the Champions League Final this weekend. The Brazilian star sat down to talk about his time at Real Madrid and the journey it took to play in another Champions League Final. To the surprise of many, Rodrygo made some positive comments about Manchester City, who played Madrid in the quarterfinals. Despite defeating Man City on penalties to advance to the semifinals, Rodrygo gave some flattering words about Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team. Rodrygo said, “Manchester City? To be honest, we knew they were better. For me, it’s the best team in the world, the one that plays the best football. But we have something special. I can’t explain it.” Some Real Madrid fans were not happy to hear about these comments as they believe that he should not talk too much about other teams ahead of the Champions League Final.

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Rodrygo is still very focused on the Champions League final, and he will be playing his second one with Real Madrid after winning it in 2022 against Liverpool in Paris. Rodrygo spoke about the new final this weekend and said, “It’s said that Real Madrid never lose finals, and I hope it’ll be like that again. I’ve always seen Madrid win every final and I hope it stays that way. For me, it’s still 50-50.”

In an interview with GQ Spain, the Brazilian forward talked about already winning the Champions League trophy with Real Madrid, but it doesn’t stop his motivation to win another one, like this weekend against Borussia Dortmund. Rodrygo said, “I’ve already won a Champions League and I’m very happy about that, but I want more, I want many more.”

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Rodrygo’s memory of watching Real Madrid win La Decima

Rodrygo spoke about watching Real Madrid when he was younger, and he watched the iconic ‘La Decima’ win in 2014 when Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid 4-1 in the final. Rodrygo talked about his reaction to the Sergio Ramos header and said, “I was alone, because my mother was in her room, and I felt a little sad because I thought Madrid were going to lose. Then Sergio scored & I started screaming, I ran all over the house screaming, and my mother got scared (laughs).”

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