Dani Alves action worries the police and the Barcelona fans weeks into his trial

Barcelona former player is now a concern for the police.

By Juan Macías

Dani Alves
Dani Alves
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The Barcelona star has been some weeks in jail now, and the fact is that his life has also turned upside down with the situation that has him in jail.

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Dani Alves was one of the most important players in what is called to be the golden era for the Barcelona team and is even considered one of the best defenders from Brazil in the history of football, but the fact is that right now his life has been turned around and his future is now a concern even for the policy that currently has him in custody right now.

Last year Dani Alves was accused of raping a women in a club back when he was a Barcelona player, this situation caused him to cut his contract down with the Pumas team in Mexico and now he has been in jail for some time now, but the fact is that while they are on trail he has been showing some problems that could even cost him his life now.

Now it has been reported that the police from Barcelona has decided to activate the suicide watch on Dani Alves, as he has been looking into plans to escape and the fact that he has been showing some traits that point out to the fact that he could even considere this as the solution to his situation at the moment.

Sources that have been close to Dani Alves and to the whole process have also confirmed that the former star is having some problems as the trial goes on and that he is now almost out of money as he has to ask for help to keep paying the lawyers for his case while he hoopes to be found innocent as the investigation keeps going at the current moment now.

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Dani Alves future

Most of the sources also believe that the situation for Dani Alves is not looking good and as things are going at the current moment he could be looking to be point as guilty in the next few months and the police is also concerned about this.

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