Cristiano’s influence transcends sports, CR7′s new famous partner in a business that generates millions for them

Cristiano Ronaldo will work with a popular sports superstar in a business that will make them even more wealthy.

Cristiano Ronaldo is running while wearing the Al Nassr jersey; the Al Nassr badge is next to him.
Cristiano Ronaldo is running while wearing the Al Nassr jersey; the Al Nassr badge is next to him. (Source: Al Nassr)

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most popular athlete in the world, as many people and athletes recognize the records and success he has achieved over the past two decades. Ronaldo’s impact in sports is so high that other athletes want to partner with him for some side business. The latest to partner with Ronaldo or follow in his footsteps for a business is Formula 1 racer Charles Leclerc. In 2023, Ronaldo invested in an online marketplace for luxury watches called Chrono24. Leclerc and his brother Lorenzo are doing the same; they founded a family office for athletes called All Time and invested in Chrono24 for a certain amount that can generate millions. When Ronaldo joined last year, the company hit a $1 billion valuation, and now, with Leclerc getting involved, the number could be higher. Leclerc spoke about investing in the same marketplace for watches as Ronaldo and said, “The watch world has long captivated me as one of my many passions.”

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Ronaldo spoke about becoming an investor in the company as he said, “As a long-term watch collector and regular user of Chrono24, it’s a pleasure for me to become a shareholder in the company now. Chrono24 unites millions of watch lovers from all around the world to share in their passion together – that global unification is something I know well and am thrilled to be a part of.”

Ronaldo is used to wearing lots of luxurious watches outside of football. Ronaldo bought a super luxury watch to match his Bugatti Chiron for $1 million by Jacob & Co, and it is the only copy in the world. It was a personalized watch that CR7 requested, and the founder of Jacob & Co. personally supervised its design.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s watch for joining Al Nassr in 2023

Ronaldo was once again wearing a watch from Jacob & Co. that was designed for Cristiano’s celebration of joining Al Nassr in 2023. The price of the watch is approximately 3 million Saudi Riyals, which is around $800k. The rare watch is made with tsavorite stones, which are 200 times more rare than emeralds.

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