Cristiano Ronaldo changed her life, the reason the icon’s wife has a red wallet

The Portuguese superstar’s appearance was crucial in Georgina Rodriguez new luxury life

By Mario Perez

Cristiano Ronaldo was crucial for Georgina Rodriguez having a red wallet.
Cristiano Ronaldo was crucial for Georgina Rodriguez having a red wallet.
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Manchester United former player Cristiano Ronaldo has developed an elite career since joining the Red Devils, which has undoubtedly contributed to create a successful personal and professional career in all the fronts since making his debut with the Mancunian team in August 2003.

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Following his stage at United, he joined Real Madrid for around $100 million in 2009, having a great success in Spain, where he met his current wife Georgina Rodriguez, who despite being currently a model and a popular influencer, was a Gucci seller in a luxury store in Madrid at that moment.

As she herself has recognized in several interviews, her relationship with the idol, who fell in love with her when buying at that Gucci store, would have completely changed Georgina’s life in multiple personal and professional aspects.

In this sense, one of the most curiosities revealed about the couple in the media has been the fact that Georgina always wears a red wallet, for which the influence of ex Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo would have been absolutely crucial.

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Why does Georgina always wear a red wallet?

According to the Portuguese striker’s wife herself, despite working for Gucci, she only was able to buy a luxury wallet after being married to Cristiano Ronaldo, when she started to become a successful businesswoman, able to buy her first Prada wallet, bought in red color after seen how some Chinese clients were buying those kind of wallet and knowing the reason: the red color attracts the money and the wealth, something which since that day Georgina has never forgotten.

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