Cris Jr.'s humiliation of his dad's biggest fan that everyone is talking about

CR7's son has proven he has talent and aims to follow in his father's footsteps

Cristiano Ronaldo and Cris Jr.

It seems that talent is hereditary, at least in Cristiano Ronaldo's family, as his eldest son, Cris Jr. has been in the youth categories of several of the teams in which his dad has played, such as Juventus, Manchester United and Al-Nassr, where he has been acquiring more knowledge and has been able to display his talent. In that sense, the son of the legend has raised the eyes around him on more than one occasion due to his good conditions and qualities.

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In addition, Cris Jr. has never hidden that his great desire is to play professionally alongside his father, who despite being 39 years old, remains in an enviable physical shape and admired by many professionals, as Cristiano Ronaldo has already won practically everything in his career and still continues to work as the first day or even stronger.

The Portuguese star's discipline combined with his enormous talent has made him the ultimate idol of a whole generation of athletes and influencers, who do not hide their admiration for the legendary Portuguese striker. One of his biggest fans worldwide is streamer IShowSpeed, who is a YouTube content creator and who in June 2023 went viral for his reaction to meeting Cristiano Ronaldo in person.

Now, it seems that IShowSpeed is much closer to Ronaldo's family, as he was recently seen playing a friendly match in what appears to be a 5 vs. 5 game, in which he had as a rival the son of CR7, Cris Jr. This confrontation also went viral, as the son of Cristiano applied not one but two pipes to the streamer in an event that was recorded on video and was shared by the content creator himself, who could not help but react to the humiliation by the son of his idol.

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Cris Jr. wants to play with his dad

In the past, Cris Jr. has asked his father to hold out for a few more years so that the two can play together at the professional level. This has been admitted by Cristiano Ronaldo himself, who has said that he is not yet thinking about retirement and that, due to his good physical condition, he feels he can play for many more years.

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