Controversy goes on, what Henry and Kroos said about Leipzig's disallowed goal

RB Leipzig yesterday suffered a disallowed goal against Real Madrid in UCL.

By William Estrella

Controversy goes on, what Henry and Kroos say about Leipzig's disallowed goal
Controversy goes on, what Henry and Kroos say about Leipzig's disallowed goal
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Real Madrid yesterday achieved a crucial victory against RB Leipzig in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. The game was known to not be easy, because in RB Leipzig in Germany can do a lot of damage, and indeed, it was like that. The Germans scored a goal early in the game.

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To be exact, it was barely in the second minute that the controversy began, because the referee decided to annul the goal against RB Leipzig, and although the VAR took little time to verify it, the debate about whether it was correctly annulled or not is still valid.

One can see that it was a controversially disallowed goal, when the soccer stars do not agree. Toni Kroos, who one would think would speak in favor of Real Madrid, admitted that the goal should have gone up the scoreboard, since he did not see anything illegal in it; "At half-time we talked a lot about what happened in minute 2, Leipzig's goal, which was disallowed. It wasn't offside. There was a little push to the goalkeeper. I don't know if you've seen it yet. I don't think this is It favors football. This is not a question of whether it is a goal in favor of Leipzig, I simply think it is a legal goal.

Now, the controversy is far from settled, as Thierry Henry, who one would think would be against Real Madrid, believes the goal was correctly disallowed!

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What Henry said:

"Watching the game I thought it was a goal, obviously there is nothing wrong with the corner kick but, when the ball is hit by the Leipzig player, Benjamin Heinrichs is in the path of the goalkeeper, I don't think it would have been of great relevance until that Benjamin Sesko scored the goal, but if you are offside and you get in the goalkeeper's way it is offside, it is a rule that we all know."

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