Constant tantrums, Mou talks about the constant arguments with Cristiano Ronaldo

They both met at Real Madrid, where the Portuguese was the star player.

By Emmanuel Mendez

They both met at Real Madrid, where the Portuguese was the star player.
They both met at Real Madrid, where the Portuguese was the star player.
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Jose Mourinho tends to talk a lot when he is not in any team, and that is what is happening these weeks, in which he deals with topics about his future, but also others as interesting as those about his past. he. In that sense, the Portuguese coach spoke about his journey at Real Madrid and especially about how he dealt with Cristiano Ronaldo, the team's star, and his reactions when he was going to be replaced, something that the team did not like at all Portuguese star

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"There are players like Cristiano, who even playing against Levante and winning 5-0, you tell them to relax and rest and they don't want to," Mou said on Rio Ferdinand's FIVE program. "He was like, 'No, no, no, I can score one more goal!' When you have players like that, you know you're traveling in a boat on the water and you just put down the oars and enjoy the ride. When you know it as well as I don't need to give him motivation or ambition, nor technique," confesses Mou, insisting that it was impossible to convince CR7, with whom he even argued.

"I think you don't train Cristiano. You don't teach him much. It's about making him happy and creating an environment from a tactical point of view, ideas, where he can show all his abilities," Mou instructed, who indicated that "For him, Madrid was a kind of transition. He was a left or right winger, he dribbled, he beat people... And suddenly he became the scorer that he has been for the rest of his career."

In fact, Mourinho talks about the day he realized that he could be an animal as a striker: "Probably the first time he played an important game as a forward was in a Madrid-Barça final of the Copa del Rey. He scored a great goal with a header in overtime. It was the first time people got the feeling of what he could be as a scorer."

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Mourinho's history

Mou was at Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013 and he had to face the best Barça in history. "To win the league we had to score 100 points. We knew that if we didn't score 98, 99 or 100, we weren't going to win it," stressed Mou, who reveals that "if Barça wins this season, the next and the previous one, I knew that I would be in trouble. There was a league we lost by 92 or 91 points. You knew if you made a mistake, you were in trouble."

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