Bye Carlo Ancelotti? Real Madrid's plan after Ancelotti leaves in 2026

Real Madrid could already start planning for Ancelotti's departure despite the Italian in charge right now.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Carlo Ancelotti will leave Real Madrid in a few years and Florentio Perez wants a specific coach to join.
Carlo Ancelotti will leave Real Madrid in a few years and Florentio Perez wants a specific coach to join.
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Real Madrid has been successful with Carlo Ancelotti in charge. Ancelotti has won La Liga and the Champions League in the past few years. Ancelotti is guiding Real Madrid to more trophies this season after winning the Spanish Super Cup early in the year, and they are positioning themselves to win La Liga again. While Real Madrid is succeeding under the Italian, Florentino Perez, and the club are already looking ahead after Ancelotti's contract expires in two years. The club wants to start planning for the departure of Ancelotti despite him already delivering for the team. Real Madrid is building for the future, and they could slowly be ahead of everyone when it comes to a target they want.

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Real Madrid doesn't want to move away from Carlo Ancelotti because of their performances this season. Real Madrid wants to plan for the future and they want their former player to coach them. Real Madrid are reportedly interested in Xabi Alonso. The Spanish manager shuts those rumors down in a press conference and confirms that he will stay at Bayer Leverkusen next season.

Real Madrid is interested in bringing in Alonso in the next few years, and some reports suggest Alonso's decision is because he is waiting for Real Madrid. Reliable journalist Matteo Moretto talked about Real Madrid's strong interest in Xabi Alonso. Moretto said, "I think that Xabi Alonso knows that the possibility of him being Real Madrid’s coach exists in his future. And it does. There are important people at Real Madrid who believe that Xabi is the perfect Ancelotti replacement. Florentino regards him very highly.”

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Xabi Alonso will decide where to join after Bayer Leverkusen next year

Santi Aouna reported that Xabi Alonso had the possibility to join Liverpool, Bayern, or Chelsea next summer, but he refused for different reasons. He was not interested in joining Chelsea. He was open about Liverpool, but in the end, he didn’t want to take over after Klopp and his successful cycle. He could have seen himself at Bayern, but the idea of taking over Real Madrid after Ancelotti made him think. He decided to stay, and he will assess his options again next year.

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