An NFL legend and owner of Premier League club admits to be inspired by Chelsea

By Emmanuel Mendez

An NFL legend and owner of Premier League club admits to be inspired by Chelsea

An former NFL player talks about Chelsea and his Premier League club ownserhip.

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A couple of American investors and athletes have invested in European football recently. American owners have run clubs like Olympique Lyon, Manchester United, and Liverpool. As LeBron James has partial ownership of Liverpool, former NFL tight end and defensive end JJ Watt has part ownership of Burnley FC.

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JJ Watt played for NFL franchises Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals. JJ Watt is one of the best defensive linemen of all time. Watt invested in Burnely last year, and the NFL legend witnessed the club get promoted to the Premier League. Burnley currently sits 19th in the Premier League table. JJ Watt acknowledged that Burnley is the ‘right club’ for him, allowing him to ‘come in and make a difference,’ unlike other big clubs. He does link with football since his wife, Kealia Watt, was a former Houston Dash and Chicago Red Stars player in the National Women's Soccer League [NWSL] in the United States.

JJ Watt spoke in an interview with CBS Sports Golazo about his township with Burnley and his love for football or soccer. Watt said, “I became a Premier League fan back in 2010–2011. I like to play FIFA." The former NFL defensive end then spoke highly about Chelsea and a club legend. "I like to watch Drogba and Ivory Coast. It’s like every time, ‘Where’s Drogba playing?’ I started following Chelsea. Near the end of my career, I wanted to get an ownership. I just didn’t know. I looked up in the USL, MLS and I also looked then the Premier League opportunity came about and every single box was checked and it was a perfect match. I truly love this, and it is my true passion."

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JJ Watt talks about football shirts he has in his collection which caused controversy

Although Watt talked highly of Chelsea as a club, he has shared photos with other jerseys, including Chelsea rivals Tottenham. Watt said, "They can also show photos of me holding up a Manchester City kit because Sergio Aguero is my friend or a Tottenham Hotspur kit because Harry Kane is my friend.”

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