Alexander-Arnold fears for his life as Liverpool star makes important decision

Liverpool team fears for some of their players life this season.

By Juan Macías

Trent Alexander-Arnold
Trent Alexander-Arnold
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The Liverpool team is aware that with the departure from Klopp there might be several changes to be made, but right now they have a new concern off the pitch.

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Liverpool and several Premier League players have been target of fans and even of some burglars in the past months and this seems to be a security concern not only for the players but for the teams as well. This has forced the 25 year old player from Liverpool to make a decision that some of the Premier League star players are now going to follow to solve this issue.

It has been confirmed that right now Trent Alexander-Arnold has decided to go ahead and hire private security, he has decided to take on a bodyguard, and a private investigator. This decision comes from the fact that Trent Alexander-Arnold has been suffering from the harassment of a fan for more than a year now, and he is now concerned that this situation could even affect his life in the future.

“This woman has terrorised him and his family, bombarding him with explicit messages, getting hold of his number and calling him endlessly and sending unhinged letters and obscene materials to his Cheshire home." a source close to the Liverpool star said. This situation has now become a concern for the Premier League players that are looking to avoid this problems.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was not the first Premier League player to suffer from the same situation in the past year, Mason Mount has also been one of the players that had the need to go to court to put a stop to a stalker. Several offices from different teams are now aware that they have to do something to put a stop to this kind of situation in the near future.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold concern

Most of the concerns from Trent Alexander-Arnold are that this person had access to his home address and his different numbers, which should be private information and the Liverpool player also fears which other persons could have the same information to affect him in the next months.

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