After the revealed VAR audios, are the referees against Madrid conditioned?

Three goal situations had important weight that led to the merengue victory.

By Hector Garcia

Three goal situations had important weight that led to the merengue victory.
Three goal situations had important weight that led to the merengue victory.
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Real Madrid achieved an epic comeback at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium during the last gasps of the match against Almería in LaLiga, which ended up suffering from flagrant refereeing errors with controversial situations. Given this, the VAR audios have already come to light with Alejandro Hernández Hernández's instructions for the central referee, Francisco Hernández Maeso.

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Real Madrid came back against Almería with controversy including referee decisions questioned by many people. Given this, the audios of Alejandro Hernández Hernández have been revealed from the VAR to assist referee Francisco Hernández Maeso during a couple of goal situations that marked the course of the match in three actions: Kaiky's penalty handball, a foul on Jude Bellingham in the 1-3 annulled against Almería and the goal by Vinícius Junior, which they claim was with his shoulder.

“I put you high behind so you can see it in context and the separation between players,” said Hernández Hernández from the VAR in the action of Real Madrid's first goal from a penalty. "Perfect. He finishes off the Madrid player and hits the separated arm, with the Almería defender occupying space. I'm going to call a penalty without a card,” Hernández Maeso responded. Later, in the goal disallowed for Sergio Arribas in a play that began with Jude Bellingham falling to the grass after receiving a blow to the face, the VAR showed the play from the beginning to the Extremaduran committee referee.

“Come see it, Fran, I recommend an on-field review for a possible offensive foul in the action of the goal,” they indicated from the VAR. “Put it in dynamics. Indeed, it is the start of the action and I am going to call a foul in favor of Real Madrid with a yellow card for Almería's 6”, responded the main referee after reviewing the second action of the match on the screen located between the two benches at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Finally, Hernández Maeso was called upon again for the 2-2 draw, scored by Vinícius Junior and in which he claimed a foul in attack and handball by the Brazilian Almería. “I am going to recommend an on field review so that you can assess the non-hand, the possible non-hand,” said Hernández Hernández. “Fran, I'm going to show you, okay? It hits him in the right shoulder,” he added. "Perfect. Throw it to me. Give me the point of contact. For me, there is no lack in attack,” Hernández Maeso responded in the conversation with the VAR. "I agree with you. And the ball hits the shoulder. Stop it at the point of contact so it can be seen, please. Perfect, he hits it with his shoulder and it's a valid goal, okay? I'm going to signal a goal, there's no foul," said the referee of the match.

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Real Madrid benefited from the referee

With these three decisions by the central referee with the assistance of the VAR, Real Madrid benefited from being able to complete a great comeback against Almería in the fight for the LaLiga title. The merengue team reached 51 points and is only one unit behind the leader, Girona, which has one more match played.

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