A FC Barcelona legend admits problems he had with Lionel Messi in the past

A current member of FC Barcelona reveals what issues he had with Lionel Messi when they were teammates.

By Emmanuel Mendez

FC Barcelona legend admits to get into fight with Lionel Messi in his younger days at the club.
FC Barcelona legend admits to get into fight with Lionel Messi in his younger days at the club.
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FC Barcelona considers Lionel Messi to be one of their greatest players of all time. He was getting recognition before his professional debut. The hype over this young Argentinian forward was high, and most of the FC Barcelona team knew about his quality.

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He debuted professionally with FC Barcelona in October 2004 against Espanyol in La Liga. He scored his first goal for the first team in 2005 against Albacete. From there, the rest was history as Messi became one of the greatest football players of all time and one of the greatest for FC Barcelona. While he showed success throughout his career, it wasn't easy for him to adapt in his early stages with the Barca first team. A Barcelona legend reveals having a problem with Messi during training one time. This Barca legend was Rafael Marquez, who joined the Catalan club in 2003 and left in 2010.

Marquez explains how one time in training, he and Messi would get into a heated argument that had to be separated. Marquez said, "I saw Messi's debut when he was young. But before that, we had heard about a kid in La Masia who was different from the rest, a real phenomenon. We knew he was going to be good, but we wanted to help him in training. I used to give him a lot of orders, and he listened. We knew that he has the ability to dribble past 3-4 players, but sometimes he exaggerated. We tried to be direct with him. 'This is where you dribble. Here, you don't. You have to be smarter in your passing and work with your teammates.'"

Marquez continues and says, "One day, because of my insistence on these instructions, a problem happened between us. We started exchanging words, so Guardiola had to intervene and stop the fight. The truth is that Messi and I were not friends; we were colleagues. Even then, I admire Leo for his career, and he's the greatest in football history."

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