Will Scaloni leave Argentina? The words that worry Lionel Messi

Lionel Scaloni's words that paralyzes Argentina

Lionel Scaloni's words that paralyzes Argentina
Lionel Scaloni's words that paralyzes Argentina

Argentina achieved a historic victory against Brazil at the Maracaná Stadium, in a match that left an important record, but that was also overshadowed at some point by the violence that occurred between fans before the match. In the end, the team managed to win 1-0 with a goal from Otamendi, but the Argentine coach, Lionel Scaloni, gave some words that worry the Argentine fans.


Lionel Scaloni's Argentine National Team continues to break records. This time, the world champions narrowly beat Brazil at the Maracaná, becoming the first team to beat them on a visit in Qualifiers. The coach has been the winningest in the recent history of the South American team and is probably among the best in the history of the Argentine team.

But beyond the happiness of having broken the historical undefeated record of his classic rival, attention was diverted to the post-match statements of Lionel Scaloni, who questioned his continuity in the trans-Andean team. “I want some time to think because this team needs a coach who has all the energy possible,” declared the 2022 world champion and 2021 Copa América winner. This statement worried more than one person since it seemed that at any moment Scaloni announced his departure.


Did Scaloni resign from the Argentine National Team?

This statement arose after the last question in the press conference, where the coach hinted that he does not have all the energy necessary to continue in his position. “Now it's time to stop the ball and start thinking. I have a lot to think about at this time. These players have given us a lot and I need to think,” Lionel Scaloni insisted. Although he later clarified that “it is not goodbye.

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