Who is the one to blame? The 18 players who got injured during the FIFA International Break

Some teams aren't entirely happy about this whole situation

Some teams aren't entirely happy about this whole situation
Some teams aren't entirely happy about this whole situation

A new edition of the FIFA International Break is underway and fans enjoyed several interesting matches during this break. In the case of the Premier League, teams always come back motivated from the break, which makes the sensations and matches more and more interesting. In the face of this, much is said about the things that are happening little by little

Undoubtedly, this weekend, Manchester City will face Liverpool in what looks to be a highly attractive match. The first-place team in the league will face the second-place finisher. With that said, the match will be a real final that can change the rhythm of both teams and certainly the path of what remains of this year 2023. In addition, it seems that Erling Haaland will arrive recovered despite what has been said lately

With this said, FIFA has received a lot of criticism due to what has been happening. During this break, Gavi left the Euro Qualifiers match injured. The FC Barcelona player will not only miss the rest of the season but will also miss the rest of the season. In addition, he was not the only relevant player to be injured, but Vinicius Jr also suffered the same fate.

In the face of this, the criticism about the FIFA International Break has not relented and continues to be the subject of constant criticism. In this case, it wasn't just one player or two, it was 18. Here are all the names

The names of the 18 injured players during the FIFA Break

It is worth mentioning that this has provoked the anger of many clubs because it seems that in the national teams, players are being demanded more. Even some players such as Virgil Van Dijk have spoken out about the current UEFA soccer fixtures

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