While they accuse Cristiano of being selfish, the star that surrenders at his feet

The player who loves Cristiano

The player who loves Cristiano

Undoubtedly, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players on the planet, however many has dubbed the Portuguese ‘selfish player’. Cristiano had intended to leave Manchester United in the summer before his contract was terminated. According to reports Cristiano informed Manchester United of his desire to depart too late, just days before preseason and a tour of Asia and Australia.

In reality, it has taken Man Utd close to two months to locate a Ronaldo replacement. However, it might be claimed that many of Europe's top strikers have already been acquired or that negotiations with other clubs are well underway. If Cristiano abruptly leaves Manchester United then, it will be a major blow to both the team's reputation and aspirations of luring other star players.

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But compared to what he did to Juventus in the summer of 2021, what Cristiano has done to Manchester United in the summer is nothing. He was sold by Juventus to Manchester United four days before the market closed. After unexpectedly demanding to be sold in the final week of the transfer window, this happened.

There was no time at all for Juventus to locate a replacement. They made the terrible decision to re-sign Moise Kean in a loan deal with a €31 million buy-out due to their panic. Without appropriate planning, replacing Critiano's more than 100 goals scored in three years for Juventus was not an easy task.

This star wants to study Cristiano

Cristiano who is in Qatar with his Portuguese teammates ahead of the round of 16 clash against Switzerland, was knocked by some fans for trying to claim a goal credited to Bruno Fernandes, even though the ball didn't touch him. However, Spurs star, Son Heung-Min has said that he want to have some conversations with the Superstar and know how he works.

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