While Ochoa earns 2.5 million euros at Salernitana, the salary he would have in MLS

This would be the salary of Memo Ochoa within the MLS

By Hector Garcia

This would be the salary of Memo Ochoa within the MLS
This would be the salary of Memo Ochoa within the MLS
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One of the best players in the entire history of Mexico is undoubtedly the case of goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, who through the great advantages he has made throughout his career has shown that he is not only one of the best goalkeepers in the country but also one of the best. best players in the entire history of the nation due to the great performances he has had.



And that is largely due to the fact that he is one of the few players who made the leap to go to the highest possible level in Europe a few years ago when most Mexican soccer players tended to stay in Mexico for the comfort and convenience that I offered them in Liga MX with the exorbitant salaries that most of their teams usually have, removing the Sports aspiration.

But that was not the case with Ochoa, who jumped to go to the French league, later to go to the Spanish league and finally to the Belgian league, he did not prove to be one of the best goalkeepers, not for nothing did this country become champion to later return to the biggest team of all within Mexico, such as America, where it spent its last seasons.


However, and after the participation he had in the world cup held in Qatar in 2022, the player decided to return to Europe despite the fact that he already signed at a very advanced age because he wants to be in the world cup in 2026, and although it is It is true that he is doing well at Salerni tana in Italy, it seems that he could reach the MLS due to the salaries they earn in the United States.

That is what Ochoa will have in the MLS

And it is clear that Ochoa would pass as one of the franchise players of any team within the MLS, in that sense he would have a franchise player salary that is equivalent to a minimum of 5 million dollars per season, so in any team in which I can hear the Mexican within the United States he will have a fairly high salary without a doubt.

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