While Liverpool offer Mbappe 78 million a year, the impressive amount that Dybala could earn at Chelsea

The significant amount that Paulo Dybala could earn at Chelsea FC

The significant amount that Paulo Dybala could earn at Chelsea FC
The significant amount that Paulo Dybala could earn at Chelsea FC

Kylian Mbappe has not yet defined his future and has important proposals on the table. The French player has established himself in an important way at PSG and now that his contract is about to expire, he believes it is time to step aside and take on a new challenge. According to El Chiringuito, Liverpool have already offered 200 million for the player. Now, while the Anfield team is offering him the same contract as at PSG, it is surprising what Chelsea could pay a player like Dybala.


The arrival of a player like Enzo Fernandez at Chelsea did not have the impact everyone expected, and the team's performance was far from what was expected. The team finished in 13th place, far from all European competitions and with Frank Lampard as interim coach. That is why the management thought about restructuring and has already sold several of its players, as well as hired a Premier League expert like Mauricio Pochettino.

With spells at Southampton and Tottenham, the Argentinean took the reins of the London team in the hope of getting them back into the top positions. One of the express requests he made, according to English portals, is the purchase of Paulo Dybala, who only has a 12 million euro buyout clause. The expectation is great in relation to his arrival, but how much is he asking to earn at the club?


How much could Dybala earn at Chelsea?

According to the website, La Joya is paid 4.5 million euros at Roma, which is much less than the salary he would earn at Chelsea. The idea of the 29-year-old Cordovan would be to have a salary increase given the power of the Blues, so the amount would be between 6 and 7M per year. It should be recalled that the squad, as a punishment, suffered a 30% reduction in their salaries. For example, Enzo Fernández went from earning 11 million to 7 million.

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