The salary that Guillermo Ochoa would earn if he signs with Real Madrid

Guillermo Ochoa could be the imminent new signing of Real Madrid

By Hector Garcia

Guillermo Ochoa could be the imminent new signing of Real Madrid
Guillermo Ochoa could be the imminent new signing of Real Madrid
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One of the best Mexican goalkeepers in all history is without a doubt the case of the Mexican Guillermo Ochoa, who has always remained at a remarkable level since his debut here, since although it is true that the best clubs in Europe did not play, he was in clubs of this soccer geography showing that he was one of the best players on the team and today he has shown himself once again in Italy.


In this sense, one of the players that has attracted the most attention today is precisely the Mexican after the score that he had in the last World Cup in Qatar 2022, for this reason it is that despite the fact that he is already quite old and that he was still playing in Mexico that did not prevent him from making the leap to return to Europe and be in one of the most important leagues in the world such as Italy.

And it is that the performances that the Mexican has been exceptional to the point that they renewed it and he has a current contract to continue in that Italian club in Serie A, demonstrating that he gives only one number and that he continues to have the necessary level to be at the best possible levels, in fact it seems that he could take a very big leap for the first time in his career.


And it is that the news recently broke that the Real Madrid goalkeeper, the Belgian Thibaut Courtois, has been injured in his cruciate ligaments, for which he would be operated on and would be out for several months in that sense, the Spanish team will no longer have a goalkeeper and One of the most popular names in various Mexican sports media is precisely Guillermo Ochoa.

The salary that Ochoa would earn at Real Madrid

And it is that although it is true that eight there is a very advanced age to be able to reach Real Madrid, it would prevent him from being in that club because he has performances that support him to be in that team and one of the situations that has most called the attention is the fact that we would not charge such a high floor because in most cases barely earns €900,000 per season, so it would make a great leap in that area since an average Real Madrid player earns more than 4 million euros.

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