The big problem that Cristiano Ronaldo has and that makes him have a bad performance, is not depression

This is what affects Cristiano Ronaldo

This is what affects Cristiano Ronaldo
This is what affects Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is going through difficult times in recent months. The striker is a substitute at Manchester United and has only scored one goal this season, also with his national team he has not had good games, and even Portugal was eliminated from the Nations League by Spain this week. Criticism has been strong against CR7 for these poor results.

Now it was said this week that the main problem Cristiano Ronaldo has had is that he is in depression, but psychologist Jordan Peterson clarified that he does not work with CR7 and what was said is false.

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It is clear that Cristiano Ronaldo and his family have had difficult times due to the death of one of the twins they were expecting. However, Jordan Peterson never spoke of his depression, did not give a public diagnosis and did not share deep details of the issues discussed.

“He invited me to go see him. He had some problems in his life a few months ago and one of his friends sent him some of my videos, and he said he saw them. Then he read my book, one of my books, and found it very useful. He wanted to talk to me, so I went to his house and we chatted for about 2 hours.”

Jordan Peterson didn't give a treatment

“He showed me all his equipment to keep fit, we talked about his companies. But mostly, let's talk about what he wants for the future and some of the obstacles he's running into in pursuing that. We had a strategic conversation,” said Jordan Peterson.

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